Don’t Listen: Teaching our children with hearing loss to never give up.

Don't Listen

Don’t Listen

Hearing loss is misunderstood in the mainstream. As parents of children with hearing loss we get it, our kids our made up of all of the same stuff as the rest of the kids on the block. As speech-language pathologists and educators we also get it, that hearing loss has absolutely no effect on how the mind works, the only issue is ensuring access to the curriculum.

But so many people do not get it. They are afraid and unsure how to interact with a child who has hearing loss. It’s easier to avoid eye contact and evade. I love this commercial for the fact that it puts everything right out in the open – the people that made fun, the people that didn’t believe, the people that said there was no room for difference.

The next time either you or your child have a rough day take a look at this video. It will bring tears to your eyes, and make you tingle with all that is possible. Sometimes it is better when you don’t listen.

(I tried to post the closed caption version, but it didn’t work. To see it click here



  1. I. LOVE. THIS. Simple. Powerful. To the point. Perhaps people will begin to get it. Thanks for sharing, and for your wonderful advocacy.

    • Krysty says:

      Thanks Judy. I think the entire piece does so much for awareness and understanding – all in such a short amount of time – so well written.

  2. Gerard says:

    Very powerful message in both the video and the blog.

    • Krysty says:

      Gerard, thank you for your comment. Henry really enjoyed watching it – I think it is so great when there are so many different role models to choose from, hopefully this opens the doors for so many others.

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